HTC M8 for Windows lasts 9hrs more than M8 for Android, despite identical hardware

The newly launched HTC One M8 for Windows and Android have started putting questions on HTC, as their twin hardware packed flagship phones HTC ONE M8 for Android and Windows have huge difference in battery backups. Significantly, HTC One for Windows lasts longer than its brother running Android.
Windows Phone vs. Android

The details in above image were officially issued by HTC on their Website under the specifications section.

Slashgear conducted a battery stress test by taking both the variants of HTC M8 for Windows and Android from Verizon and their posted battery depreciation results from time to time which confirmed this is a real fiasco:

After 1 hour:
Windows HTC One: 100% 

battery, Estimated time remaining 1 day, 15 hours
Android HTC One: 98% battery, 

Estimated time remaining N/A.

After 3 hours and 25 minutes:
Windows HTC One: 99% battery
Android HTC One: 93% battery

After 1 day, 2 hours, 41 minutes
Android HTC One: 68% battery
Windows HTC One: 81% battery

Despite the devices are from same manufacturer 'HTC' and packing the identical hardware it seems Android taking up more power as compared to its Windows Phone powered brother and it might make fan base of HTC unhappy at the end. 

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  1. IMHO, it's more an Android problem than the hardware. Perhaps Android L will do better, as even v4.4.3 seems to help somewhat, esp. speed wise.

  2. we hope exactly same thing to happens.

  3. Sorry, you just cannot compare it this way because oranges and apples. 1. it depends on the services and settings running. 2. HTC ships a modified Android version.

    1. We are not comparing HTC said so and it was in return offense.


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